How Do I Become a Better Deer Hunter?

If you enjoy the sport of hunting, one of your goals might be to become a better deer hunter, which can be rewarding. You’ve been waiting for nearly a year for the hunting season to begin. Because the season is so short, you’ll need to be the best hunter you can be if you want […]

Hunter Safety Course: Everything You Need To Know

Before embarking on your hunt, did you know you must complete a hunter safety course? Every seasoned hunter has done this. Hunting is one of the most thrilling and challenging sports out there. It requires skill, patience, and dedication. But it also can be one of the most dangerous sports if not done with caution […]

5 Essential Tips For The Beginner Big Game Hunter

While fun, hunting is a challenging sport that few pickup and succeed immediately. Hunting requires dedication and commitment if you want to succeed. On top of devotion to the sport, there are a few other essential things beginners need to do.

Book Your Hunting Trip with R & K Hunting Company

With so many options and locations out there, booking your hunting trip can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re newer to the scene. However, it doesn’t have to, thanks to R & K Hunting Company. R & K Hunting Company is different because we are built on years of outfitting experience, wildlife science, and thoughtful and […]

How To Store Your Hunting Gear In The Off-Season

As your season comes to a close, it’s important to store your hunting gear correctly until next year. We mentioned in a previous post how wise it is to take advantage of the off-season and we stand by that statement. But we also want to make sure you all know that keeping your hunting equipment […]

What You Need To Know About Your Utah Hunting License

What You Need to Know About Your Utah Hunting License

Hunting Tips Before you head for the mountains for your Utah hunt, you must have your hunting license, which is every aspiring hunter’s dream. Hunting in Utah is one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences you can have. Between the majestic and diverse terrain, the extraordinary wildlife, and the picturesque views, Utah is ideal […]

3 Hunting Dog Breeds That Also Make Good Pets

3 Hunting Dog Breeds That Also Make Good Pets

For many hunters, having a pet that doubles as a hunting dog is ideal, but many don’t know the best hunting dog breeds. It just so happens that many of the characteristics you wish to see in your family dog are also characteristics you want in a four-legged hunting buddy, such as loyalty, healthy, easily […]

Holiday Season 2020: Gift Guide for Hunters

With the 2020 holidays right around the corner, you may be wondering if there’s a handy gift guide for hunters. Whether the recipient of this gift hunts as a hobby or hunting is their lifestyle, there are presents for everyone across the spectrum. Today, we’ve created a curated a gift guide that every sportsman will […]

5 Reasons Every Hunter Should Use A Rangefinder

5 Reasons Every Hunter Should Use A Rangefinder

There are many helpful tools hunters can use on the mountainside during their hunt. Close to the top of that lengthy list is a rangefinder. Rangefinders are one of the more valuable pieces of equipment that fit right inside your pocket or can wear around your neck. In addition to their compact design, they are […]

3 Insider Tips on Concealing Your Scent

3 Insider Tips on Concealing Your Scent

Concealing your scent is one of the most important steps you can take during your hunt, but all too often, hunters for get to do it. Your soap, cologne, or laundry detergent may smell good to you; however, how you smell can be a dead giveaway to your location when hunting. Even the faintest hint […]