3 Hunting Dog Breeds That Also Make Good Pets

3 Hunting Dog Breeds That Also Make Good Pets

For many hunters, having a pet that doubles as a hunting dog is ideal, but many don’t know the best hunting dog breeds.

It just so happens that many of the characteristics you wish to see in your family dog are also characteristics you want in a four-legged hunting buddy, such as loyalty, healthy, easily trainable, and obedient. Not only that, but they both tend to be good with people, young and old, and other animals. Dogs have been accompanying hunters for thousands and thousands of years to help their owners stalk and find their prey.

So, which breeds make the best family pets? Continue scrolling to find out.

Hunting Dog Breeds That Double as Good House Pets

Each of the following breeds can make for great family dogs. Here’s a closer look at three of the best-hunting dogs that double as good house pets

Retrievers — Golden, Labrador, and Chesapeake Bay retrievers are all great family and hunting dogs. Retrievers are intelligent and highly trainable animals. Their even-temperedness and eager-to-please disposition make them perfect for families with kids and hard workers on land and water. Because they generally have a low fear and low aggression temperament, retrievers are fantastic hunters and service dogs but don’t make for very good guard dogs.

Irish Setter — A dog that stands out for its beautiful, shiny red coat and its liveliness is the Irish Setter. It is a friendly and smart dog and loves to be part of a family. However, a family with small children may want to consider a different breed because of their high-energy disposition. A family with older kids may have better luck with Irish setters. Plenty of time, patience, energy, and attention must be given to this animal as they maintain their puppy-like temperament for a while. In addition to a great family dog, the Irish Setter was initially bred to crouch lower close to the bird so the hunter could toss a net over the animals to capture the prey, also known as “setting” the game. This pup is tireless, energetic, and loyal — a perfect combo for a hunting and family dog.

Weimaraner — Weimaraners, known for their unique grey color, are agile, obedient, and friendly. Because of their keen sense of smell, these pups are excellent bird hunters, especially quail, pheasant, and other upland birds. In addition to their tremendous hunting capabilities, Weimaraners make for great family dogs. They are great with older kids, love attention, and enjoy being a part of a crew.

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A good family pet that doubles as your hunting dog is the dream of many hunters.

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