Hunter Safety Course: Everything You Need To Know

Before embarking on your hunt, did you know you must complete a hunter safety course? Every seasoned hunter has done this.

Hunting is one of the most thrilling and challenging sports out there. It requires skill, patience, and dedication. But it also can be one of the most dangerous sports if not done with caution and responsibility. To ensure everyone’s safety, all hunters must complete a hunter safety course before their first hunt. 

Learn more about this type of course below.

Everything You Need to Know About the Hunter Safety Course

Before you can obtain your license, you must complete a hunter safety course. This course is essential to all hunters because it can save a life. It gives you all the knowledge and tools you’ll need for a safe hunt, which is the number one priority. If you are new to hunting, you may have numerous questions surrounding the safety course, and we’re here to answer them all:

Do All States Require a Hunter Safety Course? 

Yes, hunters from all states must have a hunter education certificate before purchasing a license from their resident state.

What Are the Age Requirements for the Hunter Safety Course?

There is no minimum age for those wanting to take this course. However, younger students may need a parent or guardian to accompany them, though the tests will be taken alone. Utah law requires individuals born after December 31, 1965 wanting to buy a Utah hunting license to show proof of completion of the course.

How Do I Enroll in a Course?

Enrolling in a hunter education course in Utah is simple! First, you’ll choose the course you want to take from the Hunter Education home page and follow the instructions until you reach the course schedule page. You must buy a registration certificate before attending your course, which costs $10, while the bowhunter and furharvester education registration certificates cost $6 each. This can be done online, at a DWR office, or through a license agent.

Can I Transfer an Out-of-State Certificate of Completion Card to Utah?

Yes. Utah residents that have taken a hunter education class in a different state need to obtain a transfer blue card. To transfer your out-of-state certificate, you need to provide proof of your certificate and fill out a transfer affidavit form. After you’ve completed the form, you can take it to a DWR office to complete the process.

What is the History of the Hunter Safety Course?

Hunter safety courses are in place to save lives and prevent accidents. Utah’s program started in 1957 after experiencing 126 hunting-related accidents that year. Of those 126 accidents, 22 of them were fatal, which is an intolerable accident rate. First, the program was voluntary, but three years later, it became mandatory. 

For nearly 30 years, residents under 21 wanting to buy a hunting license were required to complete this course. But in 1987, the law was changed to require anyone born after December 31, 1965, resident or not, to complete a hunter education course before purchasing a license. Since 1996, Utah has averaged fewer than seven hunting accidents per year, which means this law works. During this time, there have only been seven fatal hunting firearm-related accidents.

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By completing the hunter safety course, you can help save lives and prevent accidents during your hunt. 

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