5 Essential Tips For The Beginner Big Game Hunter

Hunting is an exciting and thrilling sport, but if you’re a beginner big game hunter, you may need a few tips to get you started.

While fun, hunting is a challenging sport that few pickup and succeed immediately. Hunting requires dedication and commitment if you want to succeed. On top of devotion to the sport, there are a few other essential things beginners need to do.

If you’re a beginner big game hunter, continue reading below for five essential tips.

Top 5 Starter Tips for New Hunters

1. Safety First

Like many sports, being responsible and careful is important. But with hunting, being safe is absolutely critical. There are few sports out there that can lead to as serious accidents as hunting. Between guns, bows, knives, other weapons, and other related hazards such as threatening wildlife and predators, uneven and dangerous terrain, and unpredictable weather, hunting can be incredibly unsafe. Before heading for the mountains, make sure to get your hunter safety card, know how to use your gun, and understand the risks of going out to hunt. 

2. Get Good at Stalking and Scouting

A hunter who is good at stalking and scouting will be much more successful than those who cannot. Getting good at this takes time and dedication, but it will teach you a lot about the animals you’re hoping to harvest. You’ll learn about hunting with the wind, where you should set up, what to wear, and more. With a bit of patience, you’ll gather the skills and knowledge you’ll need and take what you learn stalking and scouting into the hunting season.

3. Get in Shape 

Getting ready physically for hunting is one of the best things you can do. As a beginner, you may not realize just how fit and agile you must be to be successful. Hunting requires lots of heavy lifting and even more hiking up and down steep terrain. Trust us — if you want to hunt this coming season, start getting in shape now!

4. Practice Makes Perfect 

Very few people start out to be amazing hunters, so don’t give up! Make sure to devote time to practice, especially practicing your shot. Consider getting a range pass and dedicating a few hours each week to the sport. You’ll notice a big difference in your confidence when it comes time to pull the trigger when it really matters.

5. Gear Makes All the Difference

  As you stalk and practice your game, you’ll figure out what equipment you need and what gear you don’t. But a hunter is only as good as their gear. Make sure your clothing and boots are adequate for the terrain and weather, that your binoculars and rangefinder are up to par, and that everything else you need will be satisfactory as you head for the hills.

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