Ways To Use Your Trail Cams Throughout The Off Season

Ways To Use Your Trail Cams Throughout The Off Season

Trail cams are valuable tools for hunters and come in handy during hunting season, but did you ever think to use them during the off-season?

During the hunting season, hunters can’t wait to get their hands on their trail cameras to see what photos they have in store. This helpful and, to many, essential scouting tool helps you get an insider look during important times, such as early season, the rut, and more. Many hunters pack up their cameras and put them away after the season ends, but you could be missing out on some pretty exciting stuff. There’s a lot more that you can get out of your trail cam, even during the off-season. You may want to consider holding off putting your trail camera away.

Continue reading to learn how you can get even more out of your trail camera during the off-season below.

4 Smart Ways You Can Use Trail Cams During the Off-Season

  1. Check out and Scout Other Wild Game — Of course, your trail cam is essential to deer hunting and a staple for most. But, trail cameras can also be useful in scouting other game such as springtime turkeys, bears, predators, and more. When the spring hunt for gobblers approaches, hang one near your blind. Like deer hunting, you can get an idea of the habits and day-to-day practices of the turkeys you plan to hunt.
  2. Shed Hunting Tips — If you place your trail camera in just the right spot, you might be able to get insider tips on when that big buck you’ve been chasing drops his antlers. You could be first on the mountain to shed hunt with this insider information.
  3. Catch Trespassers — One of the most annoying things as a landowner is when people trespass on your land. If you have people making their way onto your hunting property or are worried someone might try to steal your tree stand or blind, place your trail cam in an inconspicuous spot to catch these trespassers in the act. You may want to think about investing in a wireless or cellular trail cam, so you don’t have to mess around with collecting your SD card. These cams will save you time since they instantly send you pictures and videos right to your cell. So, even if the thief makes out with your camera, you’ll at least have a picture of them.
  4. Summer Sneak Peek — While things like home ranges can change before the next season, summer is an ideal time for taking inventory of bucks while they are still in their bachelor groups. A well-placed trail camera right along the edge of a food plot can tell you a lot about the bucks in the area and the routes they take to and from their bedding areas.

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