5 Hunting Trail Camera Tips and Tricks

5 Hunting Trail Camera Tips and Tricks

It’s no secret that trail cameras are an incredibly helpful and effective tool. But, to get the best results, they must be used properly. Better images equal better information, which, in turn, gives you a better chance of being successful this coming season and coming home with a trophy animal.

Below you will find five trail camera tips and tricks that will up your hunting game.

1. North Facing is Best

As a child, you were probably advised to never look at the sun. The same rule goes for trail cams. While the consequence isn’t nearly as damaging, east or west-facing trail cameras won’t give you a great picture because of the sun. Moreover, because trail cameras are sensitive to movement (wind blowing through trees and bushes) and heat (blaring sun rays), it might become triggered. Valuable memory card space is now full of images of the forest with sun rays peaking through instead of deer. While these pictures are beautiful, they aren’t what you’re looking for or helpful. Avoid these issues by facing your trail camera north as often as possible.

2. Buy Better Batteries

When it comes to batteries for your trail camera, it’s best to splurge on higher quality, longer-lasting ones. Skip using the cheap, alkaline batteries and buy the lithium batteries. Because lithium batteries tend to last twice (or thrice!) as long, you’ll save money in the long run.

3. Set It and Leave It

A big mistake many hunters make is checking their trail camera too often. We understand it’s almost better than Christmas morning, looking at all the images on your memory card. However, it is important to leave it alone as not to scare off the wildlife in the area. The less you visit your camera’s location, the better results you’ll get.

4. Find an Ideal Location

Whether you’re buying a new home or finding a spot to set up your trail cam, location is everything. Even if you have the best trail camera money can, if your cam isn’t in a good place, your images won’t amount to much. Always think about where the animals are looking for food and water, trails and pathways were they’ll walk, and where they will rest for the night. Find a place to put your camera near one of these areas, and you’re sure to find the action.

5. Protect Your Property

Unfortunately, we live in a world where if things aren’t securely fastened, they can quickly disappear. To ensure your trail cam remains put, consider putting your camera in a lockbox. Or you can always put it somewhere out of sight or up high where it’s difficult to reach.

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Trail cams can be a hunter’s best friend. With a little planning and forethought, you can improve your skill tremendously with a well-placed trail camera. To further ensure your hunt is successful, contact the professional guides at The R & K Hunting Company. We have years of hunting outfitter experience and want to help you make the most of your Rocky Mountain hunting adventure. Contact us today to book your next hunt.