Mask Group 11
Hunting Trip
Utah and Wyoming retreats for guided EIK, Deer,
Moose and Antelope Hunts!
Mask Group 11
Hunting Trip
Utah and Wyoming retreats for guided EIK, Deer,
Moose and Antelope Hunts!

Utah Elk Hunting

The Rocky Mountain Elk is Utah’s beloved state animal.

After excessive hunting which nearly eliminated the species, elk hunting season was discontinued in Utah in 1898. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and its predecessor reintroduced elk from neighboring Yellowstone National Park to the mountains and continued efforts of transplanting elk from various herds to other mountain ranges in the late 1900s.

Today, elk are flourishing in northern Utah, including a good number of trophy bulls. In fact, Utah has more record harvests than any other western state.

R & K Hunting Company’s professional guides are expert at helping clients locate and harvest elk during both the archery and rifle hunts. R & K clients are responsible for a good number of trophy elk from Utah—just see our photo gallery for some stunning examples.

R & K Hunting Company’s CWMU (Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit) Utah elk hunts run from August 31st to October 31st with a variance of up to November 20th on some units. Most of our Utah elk hunting ranches are in the CWMU system. This enables you to obtain your elk tags directly from us. Our ranches that are not enrolled in CWMU programs are in open bull elk units so you are practically guaranteed a tag if you book with us early. Call for specific date availability. Guided elk hunts are typically 5 consecutive days with great food and lodging included. Hunters will fly into SLC International airport where they can either rent a car or arrange other transportation.

2016 Utah Elk Hunt General-Season Dates:

General archery any bull elk: Aug. 20–Sept. 16
General archery spike elk: Aug. 20–Sept. 9
General spike and any bull elk: Oct. 8-20
General muzzleloader elk: Nov. 2-Nov. 10
Youth general any bull elk: Sept. 17-25
Youth late season any bull elk: Nov.
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Fees:

Resident CWMU license: $285
Nonresident CWMU license: $800
Resident General Season license: $50
Nonresident General season license $393
Please contact us for questions on pricing or reservations for guided elk hunts in Utah.
(435) 655-5484 (801) 510-5847

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