Top 12 Must-Haves For Any Hunting Trip

Top 12 Must-Haves For Any Hunting Trip

If you’re a novice hunter, there are some essential things you must have to ensure not only a successful hunt but a safe one. Discover the top must-haves for hunting big game or for that trophy head.

What Should I Bring on My Hunting Trip?

When you head for the big outdoors, there are some must-haves you will need to take with you to ensure that you’re prepared for anything that might occur. Water, food, proper clothing, and much more should be on your list. Remember, you will be in the wild with not only your prey but several predators as well.

Continue reading to learn twelve essentials to take on a hunting trip.

Top 12 Hunting Must-Haves

There are more than twelve crucial things to bring on your hunting trip, but today, we’re going to focus on the most important.

  1. Water – This should be at the top of your list. Ensure you have a good bladder that holds a lot of water and make sure it’s full before you leave because you’ll need it.
  2. Apparel – It’s essential to bring a camouflage head net and gloves, along with extra socks and a good jacket and boots. Overalls and an infrared balaclava complete the outfit and allow you to stay comfortable and warm. Also, bring binoculars for easy viewing ofr the animals.
  3. Backpack – Ensure you have a good backpack, which could be the difference in being able to hike for miles or even a mile. Find a light one that has good padding for comfort and a waist strap for even distribution.
  4. Survival Kit – Include necessary modern-day last resort tools, which include matches, first aid kit, blister kit, ibuprofen, Tylenol, compass, and disinfectant.
  5. Map – Keep a map of your area on you at all times. If you can, bring a GPS.
  6. Food – You will be out hiking and using up a lot of energy hunting, so bring food that has protein, such as granola bars, protein bars, fruit, trail mix, and fruit snacks. Avoid beef jerky because the scent will attract predators and scare prey.
  7. Heat Source – At night, it can get quite cold, so consider keeping in your backpack something to make fire with, such as fire steel, matches you can strike anywhere, cotton balls, or a zippo lighter.
  8. Rain Gear – This is crucial to bring so you don’t get soaked and then are too cold to hunt.
  9. Toilet Paper – This is great to have for obvious reasons, but it can also be used when tracking a wounded deer. When you find blood, drape a bit of toilet paper to mark the deer’s path.
  10. Shelter – Being stranded in the wild is a real possibility, so ensure you have a survival shelter. An easy, yet lightweight one uses a 5×7 nylon tarp, with about 20 or so feet of Paracord or nylon rope and a Swiss army knife. An emergency space blanket helps to save on bulk and will keep you warm.
  11. License and Permit—if needed – Ensure you have the proper licensing for your hunt and place the item(s) in your pack first, ideally in a sealed plastic bag for protection.
  12. Weapons – A gun, compound bow, or a recurve bow are among the weapons used for hunting. Carry more than enough ammo since you won’t know how many misses you’ll have.

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