Tips for Hunting Late in the Season

While hunting late in the season is not ideal, it certainly is the reality for countless hunters everywhere.

Ideally, you would find and kill your trophy buck on opening weekend, but that isn’t what happens for many hunters. It can feel discouraging to sit out in the snow, rain, and other cold, winter elements just waiting for a skittish deer to make a split-second appearance. It’s important not to get too disheartened — it isn’t time to throw in the camouflage-printed towel yet! If you have a tag to fill, don’t give up!

Below you’ll find a handful of tips that can help you successfully bag your target.

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5 Tips for Those Hunting Late in the Season

  1. Scout Again — If you’re hunting later in the season, the deer you’re trying to land may have been targeted for several weeks and are likely extremely nervous. Deer are intelligent animals and have probably made major adjustments to their regular routines, such as taking different routes, eating in different places, and finding new places to rest. The scouting you did in the early season will no longer be relevant, which means it’s time to try scouting again. Use a trail camera, check it every day, and move it as often as you need to.
  2. Kill Your Scent — If you want to kill a deer, you’ll first need to kill your scent. Like the early season, you’ll want to be odorless, but this late in the game, deer are high alert, and their senses are even keener.
  3. Seek Them Out — Early in the season, you’ll find that deer are running around just about everywhere. But a few months later, much of the game has been harvested. Hunting later in the season ends up being a lot like a game of hide-and-seek, and you’re “it.” Sitting in your blind or tree stand isn’t going to work this late in the game. You’re probably going to need to track them, stalk them, and be ready for a quick shot.
  4. Find Their Food Sources — A deer’s gotta eat, and they are hungry this late in the hunting season! Bigger bucks usually eat later in the afternoons, so find where they are eating and wait. During the day, deer are going to be lying low.
  5. Dress Accordingly — Hunting later in the season usually means hunting in the cold. Will you be able to handle it? Of course! As long as you’re dressed for the cold weather. Make sure to dress in layers, and bring hand and feet warmers with you. If it gets too cold, it’s just fine to call it quits for the moment. Losing a finger or toe to frostbite isn’t worth it! Here are a few more tips for dressing in the cold.

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