The Importance of Wearing Blaze Orange

The Importance of Wearing Blaze Orange

What you wear during your hunt plays a considerable role in your comfort and safety, and when it comes to safety, wearing blaze orange is essential.

Along with your other gear, like camo, boots, and backpack, if you plan to hunt this coming season, you’ll need a good amount of hunter orange. This fluorescent orange color is not worn because it looks good — though we like that aspect of it, too — but because it plays an essential role in keeping you safe in the forest and on the mountain. Without it, you could not only be breaking the law, but you could also be putting your life at serious risk.

Learn more about why wearing hunter’s orange is essential below.

Why Do Hunters Wear Blaze Orange?

For folks that don’t hunt, the idea of wearing both camouflage and hunter orange might seem a bit contradictory. In fact, it may seem like an oxymoron to be trying to blend in and stand out at the same time. Well, believe it or not, that’s precisely what hunters are trying to do. Blaze orange is one of the brightest, most obvious colors to humans. Wearing hunter orange is the best way to ensure other hunters see you and don’t accidentally mistake you for game. The more orange you wear, the more visible you will be to those around you. 

Can Deer Detect the Color Orange?

But if humans can easily see orange colors, can’t the deer you’re hunting see it, too? No! Because deer are dichromatic, they are essentially red-green colorblind. To deer, fluorescent orange appears a shade of brown, gray, or green, like the color of your camouflage. Deer have limited visual acuity and lack accurate depth perception, so you do not need to worry about the fine details of your camouflage patterns. Instead, you should focus on breaking up your human silhouette and move slowly. In short, you can wear hunter orange and still blend into your surroundings. 

Deer easily detect movement via hearing and have an excellent sense of smell. If you can see a deer’s eyes, they will surely sense any movements you make. Moreover, if you have any scent on you and the wind blows just right, they’ll be able to smell you from a mile away.

What Are Utah’s Requirements for Wearing Blaze Orange?

Most states require you to wear a certain amount of hunter’s orange during your hunt; Utah is among those states. Utah law states that hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of orange on their back, chest, and head in areas where a centerfire rifle hunt is in progress. Solid hunter orange clothing is preferred, but camouflage orange is permitted.

Wear Blaze Orange on Your Next Hunt with R & K Hunting Company

The best and easiest way to stay safe during your hunt is to wear blaze orange, but for a safe and adventure-packed hunt, contact the pros at R & K Hunting Company. Let our knowledgeable team take on the burden of planning and preparing your hunt, leaving you to enjoy only the good parts. We offer hunters an exciting and unforgettable hunting experience in the beautiful Utah and Wyoming mountains that will bring you back year after year. Contact us to book your next hunt today.