The Benefit of Hunting Trips on Private Ranches

The Benefit of Hunting Trips on Private Ranches

A private ranch or hunting preserve is often the preferred locale for novice and avid outdoorsmen alike. With the outfitters who own or manage the property taking charge of many of the arrangements for the trip, hunters of every experience level can have the hunting trip of a lifetime.

Why a Hunting Preserve is a Great Destination for Hunting Trips

Those who book their trips through hunting outfitters gain several advantages:

  • The trip is inclusive of most costs. Aside from travel costs, the fees for the trip usually covers transportation to and from the airport, meals, lodging, the services of an experienced private hunting guide, great fishing and other recreational opportunities, and amenities to suit your style. The cost of your credentials is not included in the price of the hunt package, but you are covered for everything else. You choose the type of accommodations you want, from tents to resort-like lodges.
  • Your likelihood of bagging an elk, trophy mule deer, moose, or antelope is excellent. Hunting lodges of this type assure that visitors get their money’s worth while the wildlife on the property is correctly managed to meet supply for healthy, mature animals without depleting the herds. The number of hunters booked corresponds to the available wildlife.
  • Your hunt respects the environment. Most companies who run ranches are members of the Boone & Crockett Club, a well-respected body of sportsmen dedicated to preserving wildlife throughout North America, and are committed to preserving a culture of conservation, both in the way they operate and in the code of conduct they expect from their guests. Hunters must follow the Fair Chase Policy, which does not give them an unfair advantage over the animals.

How Hunting Outfitters Help You

The outfitter helps get you “legal.” They apply for state licenses and for tags required for each big game animal harvested. For some types of animals, the states hold a lottery to determine who will be issued tags. While the trips are booked with non-returnable deposits, the hunter does get a refund if the state does not issue a tag.

You have access to expert advice. Whether you need advice about what to bring on the trip, the type of weaponry to buy, the terrain in the local area, or the best way to hunt, the guides and other hunting outfitter personnel are available to answer questions and talk to in the time leading up to the hunting trip. For trips with professional guides, you will have access to a pro around the clock during your trip, offering expert advice, hands-on experience and invaluable lessons you can take with you on future hunts.

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