Four Tips for Safe Hunting

Four Tips for Safe Hunting

Hunting is a great way to spend time outside getting fresh air and exercise. However, hunting poses many dangers that should not be taken lightly. Many hunting accidents occur every year, and most of these occurrences are entirely preventable. The last thing you want on an exciting hunting excursion is a trip to the hospital or worse. Avoid these unfortunate accidents by practicing a bit of caution and being thoughtful of your surroundings. 

Going hunting is a thrilling adventure. However, it comes with immense responsibilities. Keep scrolling to review a few helpful safety tips and precautions every hunter should take.

Gun Safety

This might seem obvious, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it: Carrying and using a weapon comes with many responsibilities. Your number one priority is safety when handling a gun or other weapon. Here are some weapon safety tips to remember:

  • Even when you are 100% certain the weapon is not loaded, act as though it was loaded at all times. 
  • Once you are ready to use it — and only when you are ready to use it — load your weapon.
  • Keep your weapon pointing to the ground and never at yourself or another person.
  • Be certain of your target.
  • Use the safety lock feature on your weapon until you are ready to shoot.
  • Only place your finger on the trigger when you are firing.

Wear Blaze Orange

It’s important to remember that you probably aren’t the only hunter out on the mountainside. Make yourself known to other hunters in the area by wearing hunter orange clothing. While deer and other animals have a difficult time seeing colors like blaze orange, humans, on the other hand, can detect it easily.

Don’t Hunt Alone

Hunting is a dangerous sport and comes with more than a handful of unknowns that can lead to unfortunate events. Because of this, it is good practice to hunt with at least one friend. When you are hunting alone, you don’t have the safety net of another person. If you or your buddy are injured, the other person can assist the hurt individual or get help. If you are unable to bring along a buddy or choose to spend some quality time with yourself, at the very least, tell someone where you are going to be. Regardless of if you solo hunt or are with a group, make sure you share your detailed hunting plan with someone back at home.

Tree Safety

Many hunters choose to hunt from a tree stand because of the added edge it gives; the height provides an ideal vantage point. However, this helpful advantage can also be a dangerous hazard. If you decide to hunt from a tree stand, it is a good idea to wear a safety harness to avoid any mishaps that will send you plummeting to the ground.

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Safety should be every hunter’s number one priority. A safe hunting experience is our primary concern at R & K Hunting Company. We take safety very seriously and work tirelessly to make sure everyone on our guided hunts is out of harm’s way. For a safe and exciting adventure, contact the professionals at R & K Hunting Company to book your hunt today.