What is Your Hunting Plan?

A lot goes into planning a hunt. It involves plenty of research, scouting, and stalking. For your safety, every one of your outings should include a hunt plan. A hunting plan contains details on where you’ll be, when you’ll be there, and how long you intend to be gone. You can’t predict when you’ll get lost or hurt on the mountainside, so being prepared can save your life. A hunting plan left with another person can help bring you safely home. 

Not sure what your hunting plan should include? Continue reading to find out.

Your Location

Hunters are often secretive or protective of their favorite hunting locations. If you tell too many people about them, they can become over-hunted. However, you should find one or two people you trust to disclose your hunting hotspots.

Things to include:

  • Your specific locations and, if you can, include GPS Coordinates
  • Where you plan to park your car and set up camp
  • The route you plan to take in and out and any alternative routes


Your hunting plan lets people know when to expect to hear from you or have you home. If you don’t return on time, it will alert people that something might be wrong. Of course, it can be challenging to determine the exact time you’ll be calling or walking in the door, so allow yourself a small grace period.

If you become delayed for one reason or another, do your best to communicate with your point-person. Unfortunately, cell service tends to be spotty in most hunting areas. So, come up with a time your point-person should call for help if they haven’t heard from you.

Contact Information

Every hunter should leave at least one point-person a way to contact them. 

Hunting Partner — If you’re hunting with a friend, give your point-person their name, phone number, and any other relevant information. Additionally, before you head out on your hunt, swap point-person contact information with each other. With the convenience of cells, few people memorize phone numbers these days. If your phone dies and you become delayed, your hunting partner can notify your point-person.

Outfitter or Guide — Many hunters use an outfitter or guide (like R & K Hunting Company) to plan their hunts. If you’re using one, make sure to include their contact information with your point-person.

Things to Remember or Consider

  • Weather plays a large roll in hunting and can cause significant delays, especially if you’re using an air taxi to fly into a remote area.
  • Include your vehicle information in your plan, even your rental car. Make, model, license plate number, color, etc.
  • In an emergency, it can be hard for people to remember details like spouse’s phone numbers, so include your phone number in your hunt plan, even if they already know your number.
  • With unreliable phone service, you may want to bring a satellite phone.
  • Include any necessary medical information in your plan.

Contact R & K Hunting Company

As simple as it is, a hunting plan can keep you in touch and even save your life. R & K Hunting Company wants to be a part of your hunting plan. For an exciting hunting adventure, contact us today.