6 Best Hunting Habitats in Wyoming

Best Hunting Habitats in Wyoming

Wyoming is the state to go to if you’re serious about hunting. This state’s prairies, alpine mountains, and high-desert plains make Wyoming a hunter’s paradise. There is no other state in this country that offers the breath-taking scenery and wide selection of games that Wyoming boasts. Best of all, Wyoming is the least populated and the most spread out state—the perfect balance for nature lovers. It doesn’t get any better than hunting in the Equality State. 

Elk, antelope, mule deer, and sage grouse can all be found roaming around in any given part of Wyoming. A glance at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department maps show where game can legally be hunted. Although this is a great way to familiarize yourself with Wyoming’s trophy game, only local hunting experts can point you to the best hunting spots. 

1. Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

One of Wyoming’s most famous hunting areas is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is also known as the Serengeti of North America. Around the center of this area lies Jackson Hole, which is a valley filled with a selection of elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and black bear game. 

2. Green River

The Area 102 region in the Green River area is synonymous with mule deer hunting in Wyoming. Area 102 is a high-desert unit that encompasses a large swath of Sweetwater County, which is in the southwest portion of Wyoming. The number of tags has been reduced in recent years, making this region even more attractive because there are fewer hunters; this makes hunting around Green River feel prestigious. 

3. National Forests

Are you an elk hunter? Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Shoshone National Forest are some of the most well-known spots to find elk in the country. Moreover, both areas boast a generous selection of bulls. Bridger-Teton hunting spots are within an alpine basin. The Shoshone region is perfect for wilderness elk hunting. 

4. Killpecker Sand Dunes

Perhaps one of the most unusual hunting areas in the Equality State, the Killpecker Sand Dunes nestled in Sweetwater County, has something no other place offers. This red desert terrain is home to desert elk—a breed that can only be found in Wyoming, according to the Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Board. How amazing is that?

5. Wilderness Country

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep inhabit Wyoming wilderness country. The largest herds of these sheep can be found in the most desolate areas of the Shoshone National Forest in northern Wyoming. Hunting here can prove to be a difficult challenge, as it will require treacherous hikes in rugged terrain at high altitudes. Experienced hunters who want to challenge themselves should hunt in northern Wyoming. 

6. Mountains

Moose hunters should visit Snowy Range to the southeast and Bighorn Mountains to the north. These are considered the best moose hunting areas in the state. 

No other state comes close to Wyoming’s endless harvesting options and ecosystems. Book your next hunt in Wyoming with expert hunting guides at R & K Hunting today.