5 Helpful Hunting Apps Every Avid Hunter Needs

5 Helpful Hunting Apps Every Avid Hunter Needs

Avid hunters can benefit from our high-tech world and the helpful hunting apps within it. You don’t have to be a tech-enthusiast to take advantage. 

Technology at your fingertips has made getting important hunting-related information easier than ever. Next time you head out on an outdoor excursion, make sure your phone is equipped with the following must-have hunting apps.

1. OnX Hunt

OnX might be the most popular hunting app on the web. More and more hunters choose to use OnX Hunt because it turns your smartphone into a full-fledged GPS. For less than $30 each year, hunters can select one state and gain access to features like layers, points of interest, recording trails, property boundaries, dropping pins, and more! A favorite feature for public land hunters is the app’s ability to locate land boundaries, which helps you know whose land you are on at all times — the last thing you’ll want during your hunt is to run into trouble for trespassing. Additionally, OnX Hunt has an offline feature that allows you to access saved maps when you’re out of service.

2. Huntstand

Huntstand is every hunter’s dream app that has many helpful functions and tools. It’s a mapping app that allows you to measure any distance or area; browse land or parcels for sale; log sightings and kills; calculate flight directions and landing sites for waterfowl; and watch your scent spread for deer and other big game animals—all of these benefits for less than $25 per year.

3. Any Weather App

There are many weather apps available on the market, and they should be one of the first apps a hunter downloads. It does not matter which one you download, as long as it has features like wind directions, temperature, sunrise and sunset times, and extended weather forecasts. You’ll use this app when packing for your trip and while you are on your hunt.

4. Powderhook

One of the most helpful hunting apps that both beginner and advanced hunters should have is Powderhook. Powderhook is the social media app that connects hunters together. Find friends, mentors, new locations, and places to hunt, tips and tricks, and more. Join the Powderhook community for free and gain a wealth of knowledge!

5. SAS Survival Guide

Whether you are a hunter or not, everyone needs the SAS Survival Guide app. You never know when you will run into trouble, and the SAS Survival Guide can help! It has videos covering several important topics, including illustrated guides on animal tracks, knot tying, edible vs. poisonous plants, and first aid guides. Additionally, you can find a survival checklist, morse code, and a search function to quickly find whatever you need.

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Technology comes with plenty of drawbacks; however, these helpful hunting apps and the information they supply are not one of them. Be sure to have these apps downloaded before your next hunt with R & K Hunting Company. Enjoy these useful tools on your Rocky Mountain adventure with our expert guides. Contact us today to book your next hunt.