Three Great Occasions to Get a Hunting Guide

Have you heard of hunting enthusiasts investing in a hunting guide for their big hunting trips? It’s becoming more popular and R & K Hunting is excited to be able to offer our services to more interested hunters out there. For some people, enlisting the help of a hunting guide may seem expensive and unnecessary, especially if you’re already an experienced hunter. But a hunting guide includes a wide range of benefits that can dramatically change your hunting experience.

Should you hire a hunting guide? And if so, when? R & K Hunting can help you on any occasion, but there are a few occasions we can recommend as ideal for hiring one of our expert hunting guides to maximize your season.

3 Great Occasions to Get a Hunting Guide

  1. Drawing a Once-in-A-Lifetime Tag. There are some tags which, once acquired, disqualify you for ever hunting that category again. These tags are usually drawn, but sometimes purchased and usually mean you’re going all out to get that trophy tag. If you draw a hunting tag for moose, mountain lion, bighorn sheep, or other large, trophy animals, it’s the perfect occasion to invest in a hunting guide. Our hunting guides can help you make the most of your tag and find the most likely location for success.
  2. Your First Hunt. If it’s your first hunt, or you’re eager to make someone else’s first hunt a big success, hiring a hunting guide can make all the difference. If you’re from another country or far out of town, coming into town for your first big hunt can be very disappointing if you just rely on your own limited knowledge. Instead, a hunting guide can make a first timer’s hunting experience more comfortable, successful, and safe. Taking a client or investor is another popular reason to invest in a private hunting guide – R & K Hunting can give them the star treatment and leave them feeling impressed!
  3. A Celebration. One of our favorite ways to provide private hunting guides is when it’s in celebration! Getting a private hunting guide for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or coming-of-age is an exciting and memorable way to celebrate a special event or occasion in your life. Not only do you get special access and an expert guide, but you can also relax and celebrate in R &K Hunting facilities! If you’re looking for a unique gift, or a thrilling bachelor party, R & K Hunting offers an experience that is totally one-of-a-kind. Our hunting guides can provide memories they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Whether you hunt alone, with your closest friends, or as a cherished tradition with your family, it’s likely you will have one of these important occasions come up in your hunting career. Take advantage of these special events and consult with R & K Hunting about our expert private hunting guides. We can find a hunting experience that is right for you and your hunting crew.