Spring Cleaning: Hunter’s Edition

Spring Cleaning: Hunter’s Edition

Hunters are not exempt from the annual tradition of spring cleaning. Hunting is one of the dirtiest sports out there, so hunters everywhere ought to participate in spring cleaning. Cleaning all of your hunting equipment will not only leave your stuff shiny-bright for your next adventure, but it will also help it last much longer […]

Do Hunters Donate Meat?

There are many people, young and old, that go without food every single day across the United States. To help combat the issue of families going hungry, many hunters, nationwide, are donating meat from their successful hunts. If you have had a good season and find yourself with more meat than you and your friends, […]

Top 5 Hunting Destinations

When hunting, the destination can determine just about everything about the trip. Where you hunt can determine what weapons you can and want to use, the game you’ll have access to, the climate, clothing and protective gear, transportation, food and water, and even more factors. If you’ve been hunting in the same area for generations, […]

How a Private Hunting Guide Can Change Your Experience

One of the most common questions we get from potential clients is “Why should we hire a private hunting guide?” Hunting is often a habitual activity, so hunters are often hesitant to change their regular routines or do something out of the ordinary. At R & K Hunting we understand that hunting traditions have been […]

Trophy Hunting 101

Hunting can serve many purposes to many different people. To some, it’s merely a fun, recreational activity to destress and get outside. For others, it can be a bonding and teaching experience for families. Hunting can be a competitive challenge that pushes you to grow and improve. Hunting can also be a way to bring […]

Three Great Occasions to Get a Hunting Guide

Have you heard of hunting enthusiasts investing in a hunting guide for their big hunting trips? It’s becoming more popular and R & K Hunting is excited to be able to offer our services to more interested hunters out there. For some people, enlisting the help of a hunting guide may seem expensive and unnecessary, […]

What Every Hunter Should Carry For Emergencies

Hunting can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience, but it can also be very dangerous and isolating. Any hunter knows that being prepared for emergencies is critical, no matter the length, difficulty, or weather predicted for your hunting trip. Our hunting experts at R & K Hunting have carefully compiled the following comprehensive list […]