10 Things You Didn’t Think to Bring on Your Hunt – Part 1

Part 1: 10 Things You Didn’t Think to Bring on Your Hunt

Whether you’re a packing master or beginner, there are a few things you probably didn’t think to bring on your hunt.

Packing for your hunt is exciting. It means you’re finally getting out on the mountain and could come home victorious. But, it’s important to remember everything you’ll need on the side of a hill for a few days. Even if you’re a packing maximalist, there are possibly a handful of items you forgot to put in your pack that could increase the chances of a triumphant harvest.

Continue reading to learn about ten things you probably didn’t think to bring along on your hunt.

The First 5 Things You Didn’t Think to Bring on Your Hunt

Yes, you’ve got your gun or bow, ammo, sleeping gear, and food. But here are a few things you should bring on your hunt that you may have forgotten about:

Branch Clippers — You’ve probably packed your knife, as most hunters do, but a pair of branch clippers come in handy when you need to remove a branch or two to open up your view. Using a knife to cut through wood is tedious and time-consuming, and a pair of sharpened branch clippers is much better for this job.

Scent Control Clothes — Sure, you’ve probably got scent control spray and used special detergent for your laundry, but you can further conceal your scent with scent control clothing. Deer and other big game heavily rely on their nose and keen sense of smell to keep them aware of their surroundings, so blocking your scent is essential!

Pee Container — Yeah, it’s pretty gross, but while we’re on the topic of smells … Once deer catch a whiff of human urine, they will stay far, far away. You don’t want any sort of human scent lingering at your station, so bring along a pee container with an airtight lid that you can use when nature inevitably calls.

A Whistle — Chances are you won’t need one, but it’s best to be safe and bring a whistle along that’s attached to your clothing. If you were to fall or find yourself unable to move, you’d want to be able to let someone know where you are, and yelling is exhausting.

Sunscreen — Sunscreen is a must-have! Just because the hunting season is in the fall doesn’t mean you won’t spend hours sitting in the sun waiting around for the perfect shot. Make sure to bring your favorite, odorless SPF to block those harmful sun rays.

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With the above advice, you can make your hunt a successful and comfortable adventure. Come back next time for the rest of the list you’ll want to bring on your hunt!

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