Where Can I Hunt Pheasant in Utah?

Once upon a time, Utah was a destination state for hunting pheasants. However, once the habitat started disappearing, bumper crops of birds decreased and became a thing of the past. Even though pheasant hunting isn’t as popular as it once was, it’s still a great place for hunting upland birds. Discover the best places to find a good pheasant habitat.

The Best Places to Hunt Pheasant

Arguably, the best places for pheasant hunters in Utah are the central and northern regions, specifically the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and Surrounding areas. Some other great spots include:

  • March edges of the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake
  • Willard Bay Upland WMA
  • Ogden Bay WMA
  • Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

Continue to read more about particular spots prime for pheasant hunters.

Pheasant Hunting Hotspots

Some of the best Wildlife Management Areas for pheasant hunters are located in Box Elder County, in Cache County, near Cutler March and along the Bear River, and in Western Weber County. Another prime area is in the Nephi area. In Northeast Utah, check walk-in areas and WMAs in Uintah and Duchesne Counties.

In WMAs, you can count on quality habitat that contains naturally reproducing birds already present in the area. Many habitats also stock the field before the season begins. In Utah, Interstate 70 is the unofficial boundary for pheasant territory since a suitable ringneck habitat is sparse south of I-70. Near Richfield in Sevier County, WMAs offer hunters good prospects for successful pheasant hunting.

Creek bottoms and fencerows offer the best spots to work. Other areas in central Utah include Huntington and Cleveland, with the Huntington WMA being a well-known hunting hotspot for pheasants. Although Utah’s Walk-In Access Program is still new, thousands of private land in Utah is open for public hunting.

Walk-In Access Properties

A Walk-In Access (WIA) property is an area of private land on which the Division of Wildlife Resources has leased hunting, trapping, and fishing privileges for those with an authorization number—which can be easily obtained here:

Landowners enrolled in the WIA program get monetary compensation based upon a few factors, including acceptable habitat and wildlife, the amount of land, and the length of time the water or land is enrolled in the program. They can also qualify for habitat restoration projects to help attract and benefit wildlife species. Access to Walk-In Access property is limited to foot traffic only, in most cases, unless the landowner designates roads for vehicle travel.

Pheasant Hunting Season 2020

The season for pheasant hunting is just about over (Feb 15), but resumes in November, so you have plenty of time to prepare for this year’s pheasant hunt. To take advantage of this year’s hunting season, book your hunting trip now, as they go fast.

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