What to Do in the Big Game Off-Season

What to Do in the Big Game Off-Season

If you love to hunt big game, you may be as desolate when the season ends as other sports fans are when the last football, baseball, or basketball game of the year ends. After all, nothing is more exciting than creating a strategy for outwitting a cunning animal and felling your tag limit. Just because the season for the prey you like to hunt is over does not mean that your hunting related activities are over until next season.

Get Your License Application Filed

For a good hunter, the sport is all about planning. The season for whatever you like to hunt varies by state, so if you want to be ready, you need to have all your licenses and take permits in place well before hunting season. The off-season is a good time to evaluate what you are interested in pursuing next year, and then making sure you file the proper paperwork to get your licenses and tags on time.

A website such as gives you an overview of what you might want to hunt in each state, as well as state regulations and deadlines. With this information, you can calendar the seasons and the deadlines for applying for the right paperwork. If you want to expand your gaming horizons during the next season, you can add a new locale and a new species that may even expand your season or your hunting plans for the year.

Find The Best Hunting Companies for Big Game

If you like to do outfitted hunting trips, you know that choosing the right outfitting company can be challenging as corporate websites and brochures do not always tell the whole story of hunting with a particular company. The off-season is an excellent time to attend national and regional hunting shows where you can talk with representatives of companies exhibiting at the show that offer interesting opportunities. What’s even better, you can talk to fellow hunters about their experiences with different companies and hunting sites, so you are knowledgeable before you book.

Evaluate and Update Your Weapons and Equipment

When you hunt, having the right weaponry, gear, and clothing is essential to a successful venture. The off-season is an excellent time to evaluate what you took on your last trip and upgrade or add to what you have. Hunting shows are a great place to view, touch, and feel new gear that you want to try. If you buy new guns or archery equipment, you have time to practice using them at a range or even in an indoor league. You do not want your hunting trip to be the virgin run for your new gun, so experiencing the feel and performance of your weapon before you hit the field is important.

Get Your Body Ready to Hunt

Hunting is both a mental and a physical game. If you are not agile, you are not a fit competitor to animals in the wild. The sport requires plenty of walking, climbing, and bending that you can prepare for in the gym in off-season.

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