Trophy Hunting in Mexico with R&K Hunting Company

Trophy Hunting in Mexico with R&K Hunting Company

Pursuing a trophy big horn sheep is the ultimate hunting experience for many hunters. These majestic animals are a challenge to hunt, making the reward of a successful hunt all the more satisfying. At R&K Hunting Company, we offer trophy big horn sheep hunts in Mexico, allowing hunters to pursue these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. This blog post explores what these hunts entail and why they’re such a unique experience.

Trophy Big Horn Sheep Hunting

Big horn sheep are known for their impressive horns, which weigh up to 30 pounds and measure over 40 inches in length. Hunting these animals requires skill, patience, and a keen eye. At R&K Hunting Company, we offer guided hunts that allow hunters to pursue these animals in the stunning landscapes of Mexico.

Hunting on Tiburon Island

One of the locations where we offer big horn sheep hunts is Tiburon Island. This island, located in the Gulf of California, has a healthy big horn sheep population. Hunting on the island is a unique experience, offering stunning views and the chance to hunt in a truly wild and unspoiled environment.

Free-Range Hunting

In addition to our Tiburon Island hunts, we offer free-range hunting in several areas in Mexico. These hunts allow hunters to pursue big horn sheep in their natural habitat, adding an extra level of challenge and excitement to the hunt.

Our Success Rate

At R&K Hunting Company, we pride ourselves on our success rate. Thanks to our experienced guides and the abundant big horn sheep populations in the areas we hunt, we have a 100-percent success rate for our Mexico hunts. This means every hunter on one of our Mexico big horn sheep hunts has successfully taken a trophy sheep.


Trophy big horn sheep hunting in Mexico with R&K Hunting Company is a unique and thrilling experience. Whether you choose to hunt on Tiburon Island or prefer a free-range hunt, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue these magnificent animals in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Mexico. And with our 100-percent success rate, you can be confident you’ll have a great chance of taking home a trophy. If you’re ready for the ultimate hunting adventure, we invite you to explore our Mexico big horn sheep hunts.