Tips to Prepare for Hunting Season this Year


Hunting season may be a few months off, but it’s never too early to start preparing. Getting ready for the fun and adventure involves far more than picking up a gun and heading for the woods. For the best success when the season arrives, there are some things you need to do to prepare yourself physically, mentally, financially, and practically.

Shape Up for the Journey Ahead

Prepare your body for the hunt. Hunting can be strenuous work that involves miles of walking, bending, climbing, and contorting your body into positions to fit small spaces. In the months before the season starts, get your body in shape by walking, jogging, and exercising in the gym to increase your mobility and endurance.

Keep your shooting skills sharp. Since shooting involves your arm and shoulder muscles, practice to prepare your muscle to keep your reflexes sharp. Whether you have purchased a new weapon or are using something from your current stock, spend plenty of time on the shooting range.

Prepare your dog for the hunt. If your hunting dog accompanies you on your adventures, make sure to keep him agile and active during the off-season. As you prepare for hunting, do plenty of exercises with him that require seeking and fetching.

Don’t be Caught Unprepared this Hunting Season

Be up to date on current hunting requirements. Every year, fees, dates, bag limits, and regulations about licenses and permits are subject to change. Make sure you know the specifics about the place you are planning to go and apply for all licenses, taxes, and stamps in a timely manner. Appearing at the hunting site with the wrong paperwork can short-circuit your trip.

Know your opponent. Whether hunting a species you have pursued before or a new animal, get to know the habits and habitat of your prey to later help you plan your strategy in the field. Research gaming reports from the state where your hunting venue is located to get an idea of recent successes other hunters have experienced.

Plan your location. If you want to hunt somewhere different this year, now is the time to scout new hunting sites. If you have your eye on private land where you want to hunt, you need to get permission from the landowner and meet any special requirements for hunting on his property. Of course, if you want to go on a guided hunt, book it now so that you are guaranteed your dates.

Organize your gear. Evaluate your checklist to see if you need to make changes in equipment you will take for the upcoming season. For items you will take again, make sure that they are clean and functioning properly before setting them aside in the designated area for this year.

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