Tips for Setting Up Deer Hunting Blinds

Tips for Setting Up Deer Hunting Blinds

Successfully hiding in plain sight can be the difference in coming home empty-handed and landing a harvested deer. Staying concealed is critical when hunting deer.

Ground blinds can be the perfect way of hiding yourself because they give more than enough coverage, giving you a straight shot at harvesting your trophy buck. However, setting up a hunting blind isn’t as easy as you might think.

Learn how to set up a deer hunting blind with the following pro tips.

1. Plenty of Background

When you search for a place to set up your blind, look for an area with plenty of cover, especially background cover. Overhanging tree branches and tall bushes can help blur the outline of your blind, helping it blend into the background. Tucking your blind in as much as possible will help hide it and make it much less visible to deer. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Let the surrounding flora break up the line and silhouette of your blind as much as possible.

2. Set Up Before the Season

Deer are smart, aware creatures and will notice if a blind suddenly pops up out of nowhere. Seeing a blind will likely scare them, making them extra cautious or spooking them away altogether. Setting up your blind a few weeks before your hunt begins will allow deer to become comfortable and allow for more plants and bush to grow around the blind.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Let the deer in the area become acquainted with your blind by setting it up your blind early, well before the season begins.

3. Location, Location, Location

Where you set up your blind is everything and can make or break your hunt. Take time to find the sweet spot where you are close by the action but not right in it. Notice how the animals are traveling to your hunting spot. Even if your blind is well hidden, if it’s in a high-trafficked area, you’ll be busted. To figure all of this out, you can expect to spend time scouting leading up to your hunt. 

You will also need to consider the typical wind patterns in the area. You will want to set up your blind where the deer you’re stalking will be upwind from you. Even if you’re well hidden in a blind, when the animals can smell you, they will avoid the surrounding area like the plague.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Let the location of your blind set you up for success. Keep a reasonable distance from the animals and, remember, stay upwind.

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