The Pros and Cons of Hunting With Your UTV or ATV

The Pros and Cons of Hunting With Your UTV or ATV

Hunting is an exciting sport for many people. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with yourself or your friends and family. A few decades ago, the hunting game changed dramatically when ATVs and UTVs came on the market. Bringing your UTV or ATV on your hunt comes with many advantages as well as a few disadvantages. 

You can find out the pros and cons of bringing your UTV or ATV on your hunt below.

Advantages of Bringing Your UTV or ATV on Your Hunt

Getting From Place to Place — Many hunting sites are not easily accessible by large-sized, let alone standard-sized vehicles. Using your UTV or ATV allows you to zip from place to place more quickly and with a lot more ease, leaving you with more time to focus on getting that successful shot. Regardless of the weather or terrain, your UTV or ATV can handle pretty much anything you face on your hunt.

Hauling Your Equipment — Hunting requires plenty of gear. In addition to you and any other hunters you bring along, your weapons, ammunition, food, and water, and your pack, you will need a lot more equipment to set up a comfortable camp. Packing all of this in by foot can be exhausting. Instead, save your energy for the hunt and pack in your necessities with your UTV or ATV.

Pack Out Animals with Ease — Packing out a large animal on foot is exhausting, and packing a dead animal down the mountain with a horse does not always go as planned. Horses can be stubborn or become spooked by the scent. A well-working UTV or ATV will not give you any grief when it comes to heading home with a trophy animal. On top of that, a UTV or ATV will get you back much faster.

Disadvantages of Hunting with a UTV or ATV

Noise and Smell — The sound of a roaring engine and the smell of exhaust is more than enough to spook wildlife. Not only does it potentially scare the animals you are stalking, but it can be disruptive to other hunters and campers in the area.

Environmental Footprint — Using a UTV or ATV to hunt brings up environmental concerns. It affects air quality, plant life, trails, and wildlife. Because of these impacts, UTVs and ATVs in some areas are illegal. Before your hunt, make sure that it is legal to use your UTV or ATV on the property or forest area. Failure to do so can result in fines and license suspension that can ruin current and future seasons.

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