The 5 Best Snacks For Your Hunting Trip

Hunting isn’t for the faint of heart. Hunting is an activity that requires endurance and dedication, preparation and brains. Anyone can “go” hunting, but it takes someone truly skilled to successfully complete a real hunt. Hunting requires a set of skills and knowledge that are best acquired through trial and error, with years of experience. It’s ok if you are still in the learning phase of your hunter education, still making mistakes and finding mini-failures on your hunting trips. It’s all part of the process.

At R&K Hunting, we’re passionate about the hunt and all it can become. We understand that you’re constantly learning new things to make your next hunt even more successful and fun. Today we’re sharing one of the simplest but most impactful things we’ve learned about hunting trips – the importance of quality snacks. Don’t laugh! Keeping up your strength and energy while hunting is critical for a successful and fun hunt since nothing goes well when you’re hungry.

Here are our 5 favorite and most effective snacks to pack along on your next hunting trip:

  1. Trail Mix. There’s a reason this snack is a must-have for any outdoor activity, but wait – don’t just buy the standard bag at your grocery store. Take the time to make your own and you’ll never look back! Start with your favorite 1-2 kinds of nuts, then add in something sweet to balance it. It doesn’t have to be the standard M&M – you can try chopped candy bars, chocolate chips, or even mini cookies. Add in some dried fruit, maybe some granola, or your favorite dried cereal.
  2. Peanut Butter. Peanut butter is fast, filling, and protein-packed, so it’s a no brainer for a hunting trip. Try the new peanut butter balls in the snack aisle, peanut butter snack packs, or create your own peanut butter + fruit/vegetable/cracker snack to take along.
  3. Energy Drink Mix. Small packets of drink mix containing caffeine can be a safe and tasty way to keep your fluid intake high, and your energy level rising. Mix 1-2 with a medium or large bottle of water whenever you need a boost.
  4. Bars. You can’t beat the convenience of a quick bar snack. There are a million different options so try a few before your trip and then buy a box of your favorite. Stash the bars everywhere – in your car, in your pack, in your tent, in your first aid kit – so you’re ready anytime hunger strikes. Protein bars are a great option, but a granola or fruit bar can also be tasty and quick.
  5. Fruit. If you’re hiking and trekking across a mountain, you don’t want to deal with trash. Fruit can be your best friend since they are their own wrapper, and can be left to decompose whenever you finish them. Apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, peaches, pears, and any other fruit you love can be a healthy, affordable snack.

Don’t forget to pack extra water and snacks for your next hunting trip to keep you healthy and happy as you hunt!