Rucking and Hunting 101

While rucking has roots in training for in the army, it also has its place in the world of hunting, and seasoned hunter should know this.

Rucking is a perfect cardio exercise to prep you for hunting season. It involves quickly walking while wearing a heavy backpack or rucksack—hence the name. This sport may seem simple, but its participants can enjoy the quick and effective results it offers. If you want to get your body hunting season-ready but don’t want to sign up for a pricey gym membership or a fancy workout program, a solid rucking regimen could be for you.

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How Can Rucking Help Prepare for Your Hunt?

Getting in shape is one of the most important parts of preparing for your hunt, and rucking is a great way to do it. Here’s how rucking can help get you ready for the fast-approaching hunting season:

Rucking Is Great for Your Heart and Builds Strength — We all know that cardio is essential for heart health, and rucking is no different. Rucking is classified as an active resistance exercise. In addition to improving your cardiovascular health, rucking is also said to strengthen your muscles with resistance training. The extra weight in your backpack will give your body, specifically your lower body, a fantastic workout. Don’t be surprised if your legs, core, and back are sore after you ruck.

Enjoy the Outdoors While Rucking — One of the biggest benefits of rucking is getting outside and the all-important vitamin D that everyone needs. Sure, you can put your weighted pack on and walk on a treadmill, but why do that when you can take in nature?

Rucking Can Improve Your Posture — If you’re like most Americans, you may spend plenty of time sitting behind a desk staring at a screen. This is an unfortunate reality for many that come with several adverse side effects, including poor posture. Rucking is a great way to counteract that by pulling your shoulders back with a weighted pack on your back.

Take It Easy on Your Joints with Rucking — While some exercises are great for cardio, like running, they often aren’t gentle on your joints. These intense workouts can lead to severe and permanent damage to your body. Rucking, however, gives you a similar workout without the harmful and painful aftermath.

You Can Burn Almost as Many Calories Rucking as You Can Running — In addition to being easier on your body, rucking burns nearly the same amount of calories as running and burns almost 2.5 times more calories than walking. Moreover, rucking is an exciting form of exercise since it isn’t repetitive.

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