Private Hunting Guides Can Be Game-Changers

Private Hunting Guides Can Be Game-Changers

For the best shot at the trophy of your dreams, private hunting guides offer a number of advantages that change the very nature of the hunt.

From exclusive habitat accessibility to custom-tailored estate and fair chase experiences, private guides share their vast knowledge — as well as their secrets. Make the most of your next big game hunt by taking advantage of an experienced private guide.

Hunting Guides Offer Exclusive Accessibility

For many hunters, a crowded hunting environment steals most of the enjoyment from the experience.

Amidst a proliferation of DIY hunters and their four-wheel drive trucks and ATVs, the one element that’s typically missing is the game itself. Public hunts are rarely successful unless you’re brave enough to attempt the bow hunting route or if you venture out very early in the first draw of the year.

Private hunting guides offer exclusive access to prime private land and pristine habitats. Undisturbed by the teeming masses, you can relax and make the most of your experience.

Private Hunting Guides Offer a Bespoke Experience

Not unlike a four-star hotel’s concierge, your hunting guide knows all the local hot spots.

Your guide will be an expert not only with regard to the habitat but the local animal herds and behaviors as well. Your hunting adventure will be designed specifically to your needs, so you’ll experience no unpleasant surprises.

And, although you will push yourself mentally and physically on the trail, you will relax and bask in the comforts of the ranch house when the day is done. Only a private hunting guide can offer this combination of exhilaration and rejuvenation.

And of course, with your exclusive access to healthy and abundant game, you have the very best chance of bringing home the trophy of your dreams.

Taking Full Advantage of Your Private Hunting Guide

Your private hunting guide will ensure that you make the most of your experience. But you can contribute to the success and enjoyment of your expedition by taking a few simple steps in advance of the adventure.

Spend time working on your fitness – especially your cardiovascular and stamina – and visit the firing range a few times for practice. Even the most experienced marksmen must practice regularly to keep their aim sharp.

A few weeks before you travel to your hunting lodge or designated location, check in with your hunting guide to go over the list of items you need to bring. Private guides can provide many supplies for you but not everything. For example, you will need your own pair of well-fitting, sturdy boots. Make sure to break them in ahead of time, or you will be fighting blisters and pain.

Follow your hunting guide’s recommendations for clothing as well, to ensure that you are prepared for whatever conditions Mother Nature may throw at you.

The outfitters and guides at R & K Hunting Company offer our clients access to many the best hunting habitats available in Wyoming and Utah. We facilitate both fair chase and estate hunts, specializing in moose, mule deer, elk and pronghorn antelope. Contact us today for the hunting experience of a lifetime, with the help of our experience private hunting guides.