Preparing For the Big Game Hunting Season

Hunting season is the most exciting time of year for hunters. A close second is the pre-hunting season when you get to prepare for your hunts. It’s incredibly satisfying to plan out your trip, from the game you’ll hunt and the gear you’ll pack to the weather to expect and the food you’ll bring. Even if you just go by yourself it’s important to plan ahead, and can be a pleasurable experience too. Planning with your entire hunting crew can be a fun and smart experience, as well as an opportunity to teach and prepare your younger and newer hunters.

How do you prepare for your hunting season? There are so many ways to plan for your hunt. Whether you prefer pen and paper, shared online planning sheets, group texts, and chats, or other methods for planning and preparing, it’s important to stop and plan ahead to make sure your hunt is comfortable and safe.

R & K Hunting provides hunting support and private hunting guides to take your hunts to the next level. Today we’re sharing some good ideas for preparing for your big game hunting season.

Preparing For the Big Game Hunting Season

  • Start with a Goal. What are you hoping for your hunt? Is this the season you want to tackle big game for a trophy hunt? Maybe it’s the year you finally teach your son or friend to hunt or try a new target. You need a strong picture of what you’re hoping to get from this hunt and then work backward.
  • Permits, Licenses, Tags. If you’re hoping to hunt a specific type of game or a particular area, you’ll likely need a permit or tag. You’ll definitely need a hunting license for each person in your hunting party, so start working on getting all the legal paperwork and allowances you will need far in advance.
  • Choose a Location. Once you know what you can and want to hunt, you need to narrow down your location. Having a location can help you plan the best time of year, how long you’ll stay, how you’ll camp or lodge, and other factors like weather, food, and physical exertion.
  • Research. Do some serious research into your location, the big game you plan to hunt, the best weapons to use, any hunting gear you’ll need, climate, and any dangers you’ll need to be aware of for your hunting trip. Consider hiring a private hunting guide from R & K Hunting to help you make the most of your trip.
  • Gear Up. Begin arranging your gear far in advance of your trip. Lay out everything you think you’ll need for the trip, and don’t be afraid to use a packing list from a hunting guide or our experts at R & K Hunting. Make a shopping list for everything you need, and get it early. For items, you’ll wear and rely on, such as boots and your hunting weapons, break them in with plenty of time to spare before your hunt.

We hope you have almost as much fun planning your big game hunting trip as you do on your big game hunting trip!