Is There a Bounty on Coyotes in Utah?

Did you know that Utah offers a bounty on coyotes? Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) created the predator-control program to incentivizes hunters to reduce the number of wild coyotes.

There are a few things you need to know before you start your hunt of coyotes to makes sure you qualify. You can learn more about this incentive program by reading below.

Why is There a Bounty on Coyotes?

Coyotes are a significant predator for mule deer fawns. Predator removal can help the mule deer population grow.

What is My Reward?

Those that participate in the predator-control program can receive up to $50 per coyote. The DWR has funding for reimbursements for coyotes. However, if the payments exhaust the funding, the program will be put on hold until more funding becomes available or until the next year. The reimbursement amount may be lowered the following year because of this.

When Can I Hunt for Coyotes?

Because coyotes mate in the winter months, the DWR recommends that coyotes are removed from December through June. This helps in controlling the population of coyotes before they can birth pups. Additionally, these months come before mule deer birth their fawns when they are most vulnerable to coyote predation.

Where Can I Hunt for Coyotes?

The DWR has created a map that shows the areas that should be targeted that will benefit the mule deer most. Coyotes that are removed anywhere in Utah can be submitted for the reward. However, there are specific areas that are ideal and more beneficial than others. Head to the DWR website to view the predator control program map.

Tips For Hunting Coyotes

Coyotes are difficult creatures to hunt. They are smart, their senses are keen, and are they are fast. Here are a few tips that may aid in your success:

  • Blend In: Coyotes are very aware of their surroundings. If you don’t want them to spot you, you must blend in. Wear camouflage (including face paint or a mask), stay as quiet as possible, and avoid wearing strongly scented products (deodorant, perfume/cologne, lotion, etc.).
  • Master the Call: You can mimic the sounds of the coyotes themselves, or you can entice the coyotes by imitating a distress cry of what the coyote may be hunting.
  • Small Groups: Hunt in small groups of two or three. Again, coyotes have keen senses. They rely on their ears for their survival. Hunting in smaller groups will increase your chances of finding a coyote.

Learn More About the Predator-Control Program

If you have additional questions about the predator-control program, you can learn more on Utah’s DWR website. Visit their FAQ page, view the predator-control program map, and find more information on submitting coyotes for compensation.

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