Hunting Coyotes: 3 Reasons Every Hunter Should Participate

Hunting Coyotes: The 3 Reasons Every Hunter Should Participate

Many hunters pursue whitetail deer, turkeys, or some sort of big game, but every sportsman should participate in hunting coyotes.

As the cooler temperatures settle in and the autumn leaves change, the longing to be outdoors and in the high country becomes a top priority for many. A great way to spend your time in the mountains is to hunt coyotes. Coyotes are predators, and keeping their population at a manageable number is essential.

Continue reading to learn why every hunter should participate in hunting coyotes.

3 Reasons Hunters Should Participate in Hunting Coyotes

  1. Control Fawn and Calf Populations

As previously mentioned, coyotes are predators and can take a serious toll on deer (and other animals, such as cattle, moose, and more) populations if not appropriately managed. One of the best times to hunt coyotes is when they are less aware and more vulnerable. An example of this time is late spring and early summer, when the deer have their fawns. Another is in early fall when younger coyotes are starting to venture out on their own and beginning to fend for themselves.

   2.Earn Some Extra Cash

Managing the coyote population improves the deer and other animal populations. Many states offer incentive programs to help control predators. In Utah, the Division of Wildlife Resources has a predator-control program that awards $50 to participants for each correctly documented coyote that they kill in Utah. If you are interested in finding out more about the program and obtaining any answers to frequently asked questions, visit their website

    3. Improve Your Game

To be a successful hunter, you must always be practicing your game. Hunting coyotes will make you a better hunter and fine-tune your skills. Between the camouflage you wear, your scent, the sounds and movements you make, your ability to scout, and your aim, coyote hunting is a great way to improve your skills. Coyotes are amazingly smart hunters, which means you have to become a part of nature to be the top predator. These creatures have an excellent sense of smell and hearing and have exceptional eyesight. If they pick up on how you smell, see you, or recognize your call as fake, your hunt is over. They know the threat you pose and will adapt to avoid your bullet, making them one of the most intelligent, most difficult animals to hunt. If you can outsmart all of their extraordinary senses, you can vastly improve your game.

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Hunting coyotes is a great way to spend time when you’re not on a big hunting trip.

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