How to Prepare for the Upcoming Hunting Season

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Hunting Season

Now is the ideal time to begin preparing for the upcoming hunting season. There is a lot to do, and if you’re an avid hunter, you won’t waste even a moment. Waiting too long to get ready for your hunt can cost you your trophy buck. Preparing now will put you miles ahead of any procrastinating hunters.

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Weapon Tune-Up and Practice

If you haven’t given your gun or bow a little TLC since your last hunting adventure, it’s probably time for a tune-up. If you wait to take it into the shop, you might get stuck waiting. Additionally, if you are serious about bringing home an animal, you’ll want to spend plenty of time perfecting your shot with the weapon you plan to use on your hunt.

Check Your Gear and Supplies

Take some time to go through all of your gear and supplies. When you are mountainside, the last thing you want is to realize you are out of ammo, or you used the last of your scent eliminator last season. Make sure all of your equipment is still in working order, that you replace batteries, and that everything is restocked. If you need to buy new clothes or gear, make sure you break it in before you set off on your big hunt. Nobody wants a blister on their foot after hiking in on the first day.

Get in Shape

Make sure you are in good physical condition for your hunt. Well, before the season begins, start exercising and increasing your weekly physical activity. Begin walking, running, hiking, and weight lifting. Working out and getting in good shape will give you the stamina to stay out all day long, which will increase your odds of a successful hunt.

Clear a Path

If you know there are tripping hazards or hanging branches on the trail to your favorite hunting spot, take a chainsaw or ax up there months before and clear your path. Removing these obstacles will help you remain as quiet as possible when approaching your hunting spot. 

Scout in Your Hunting Area

Get to know the area in which you are hunting. If you can, learn it like the back of your hand. The long summer days are a great way to familiarize yourself with the land. Memorize the wind patterns, watch the animals, and learn their habits. If you are diligent in scouting these animals, you will know their daily coming and going routines and will likely be there at the right time when the hunting season comes. If you are unable to get up to your hunting spot regularly, set up trail cameras to help you stalk from afar.

Contact R & K Hunting Company

If you are short on time this coming hunting season, don’t stress. R & K Hunting Company wants to plan the perfect hunt for you. When you book with us, you are booking an exciting adventure in the beautiful Rocky Mountains that you will remember for countless seasons to come. There’s a reason hunters return to us year after year, season after season. Contact us today to book your thrilling hunting experience.