How to Deal with Predators on Your Hunt

How to Deal with Predators on Your Hunt?

Hunting is an exciting sport, but it comes with many dangers, including dealing with predators on your hunt.

The reason you may participate in the sport might be to experience the thrill of hunting an animal—the stalking, the waiting, and the potential of a successful hunt. It’s all exhilarating until the tables are turned. Spending countless hours outdoors can only mean you’ll eventually run into one of Mother Nature’s predatory creatures. These encounters, while rare, can feel unsettling. If the thought of running into a cougar or a bear gives you more fear and anxiety than it does joy, don’t sweat it—that’s normal! The only thing you need to know is how to handle yourself and how to deal with these predatory animals on your hunt.

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How to Deal with Predators While Hunting

Before you head out for the hills, make sure to do the following so you can handle yourself if you run into a predator on your hunt:

RESEARCH THE AREA — If you are hunting in an area you’ve never been to and aren’t familiar with it, make sure to research the area and know the animals that inhabit it. This information can help you prepare and know what to look for.

IMPLEMENT THE BUDDY SYSTEM — Hunting alone is incredibly dangerous. Always hunt and hike with a friend.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT — All of your equipment must be working correctly. Ensure your weapons function properly, that your food containers are airtight, and that you’ll have all you need.

FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE BREEDING SEASON — The term “Mama Bear” does not only apply to bears. Mother animals are considered to be some of the most dangerous animals as they become incredibly aggressive and protective of their young. Make sure to allow plenty of distance between you, mothers, and their offspring and never get in between the two.

TAKE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS — Bring along anything that can help keep you safe, such as bear spray, a music speaker or radio (playing music or noise), or bear bells.

UNDERSTAND SAFETY SPECIFICS — Encountering wild animals can be stressful, and it’s important to know that safety procedures are not all the same for each species. How you handle black bear encounters is far different from grizzlies, wolves, or moose, so be prepared.

REMAIN CALM — Staying calm is essential. Panicking will not allow you to think clearly or rationally and will keep you from acting correctly in the situation. Keep in mind most wild animals want to avoid you almost as much as you want to avoid them.

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Hunting is up there in our biggest joys and thrills, and knowing how to deal with predators on your hunt is one of the smartest things you can do.

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