How to Choose Your Next Hunting Dog

How To Choose Your Next Hunting Dog

When the time comes to choose your new hunting dog, there are a few things to keep in mind, so it’s important to do your research beforehand. 

Selecting an ideal hunting pup is not so much about choosing the perfect puppy, but selecting the perfect parents. In fact, choosing the best hunting pal starts well before the puppies are conceived, let alone born! Once you have found a good mama and dad, you can pick out your puppy based on its gender, size, and color. Each pup in the litter will have similar genetics, and between six and eight weeks, these puppies will start showing glimpses of their demeanor and unique personality. 

But what do you want to look for in choosing the pooch parents? Read more to find out below.

Health Clearance

Looking at the parents’ health clearances is the first thing you want to do when selecting a new hunting puppy. It’s important that neither parent has had a problem with hip dysplasia. If your pup ends up with hip dysplasia, you’ll only get three or four hunting years out of him. You should also make sure their vision is checked and that they are screened for muscular dystrophy. Additionally, it’s a good idea to run genetic testing for Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), a disorder that can be passed down to pups. A hunting companion with EIC will get heat exhaustion when it’s overworked or becomes excited, leading to muscle weakness and may collapse. 

To sum up, make sure you select a puppy from parents who have been genetically tested. Otherwise, it may come back to bite you — figuratively speaking.


Look for the Desire

A good and useful hunting dog has an embedded desire to hunt. This desire is deeply rooted in their DNA, and training can only go so far. The best hunting dogs are born from field-bred parents that hunt a decent amount or are seasoned in hunt and field tests and trials. It’s important to remember that the most playful one in the bunch is not necessarily the best pick. A napping puppy could have been running around for hours before you got there.

Ask the Breeder

A knowledgeable breeder of hunting pups will have spent a fair amount of time with them, know their personalities well, and have an idea on how to match an owner with a pup. Let the breeder know what your desires and expectations are, as well as what your hunting lifestyle is like. The breeder may be able to help you select a dog that is best suited to your wants and needs.


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