5 Things You Need Before Your First Hunt

As you prepare to join the world of hunters, we’d like to welcome and congratulate you! Hunting is both a challenging and rewarding activity that will strengthen your character, teach you volumes, and provide lifelong memories. The thrill of the hunt is our passion at R & K Hunting, and we’re excited to share our expertise with you as you begin your hunting journey.

Before your first hunt, there is a lot of education and preparation that you’ll need in order to have fun and be successful. Hunting requires discipline, and today our experts will help you identify everything you’ll need to safely enjoy your first hunt.

  1. Boots. You don’t want to go buy your first pair of hunting boots the day before you leave. Get a high-quality pair of leather hunting boots at least a month before your hunt and spend some time wearing them every day to break them in before your first hunt. Be sure to spend some time running around outside in them, not just shuffling around the house. Having a pair of supportive, comfortable boots can make all the difference in your comfort and performance.
  2. Layers. The environmental conditions are a huge factor in any hunt, and if you don’t have hunting experience yet it’s best to take lots of options. You’ll need a good base layer (thermals, Under Armor, or likewise), a good mid-layer such as durable pants and a sweatshirt, an insulation layer like gaiters and a coat, and some sort of rain-repellant top layer. Some of these layers can be combined in more high-tech gear, but feel free to mix and match what you already have and buy a few key pieces before your hunt. Try them all on together before you get out there.
  3. Your Weapon. One of the most important things to do before your first hunt is to practice and get comfortable with your bow, gun, or another weapon. Practice cleaning, preparing, loading, and assembling your weapon. Go to a range or open area for some target practice. Practice utilizing your binoculars or other visuals so you know what to expect on your first hunt.
  4. Endurance. Hunting is a physically demanding activity. You need to be able to hike up and down mountains, pack in your supplies and pack out an animal. Are you in good enough shape? Go on a hike in your boots and with your pack. Head for the stair master at your gym and start working up your endurance as early as you can, so you’ll have the energy to go the distance for your first hunt.
  5. Expectations. Take some time before your first hunt to examine your expectations. Do your research to understand the weather and wildlife you’ll encounter. Talk to other hunters about what to expect for your first hunting experience, and realize that hunting on public lands or a limited tag will make your first hunt a very challenging experience.

We are excited for you to experience your first hunt. If you find you’d like a little more help or guidance on your first hunting experience, or if a very successful first hunt is important to you then you definitely need to consider using a private hunting guide to maximize your hunting experience. R & K Hunting is ready to make your first hunting trip a memory you’ll relish forever!