Father’s Day Gift Guide — Hunter’s Edition

Father’s Day Gift Guide — Hunter’s Edition

Every year, in June, we celebrate the dads in our lives. While some dads love the predictable tie or cologne gift, the outdoorsman might want something different. If your dad loves hunting, he’ll undoubtedly love the gifts we’ve picked out!

Father’s Day 2020 is on the 21st! Use the following gift guide to help you choose the perfect present for your special dad.

Clothing and Accessories

While your dad might already have camouflage clothing and other essentials, this type of gear receives a lot of wear and tear. It might be time to replace his beloved jacket, backpack, or hiking boots in his favorite style and camo print.

Action Camera

Help your dad capture his thrilling mountain adventures with an action camera, like a GoPro camera. Action cameras are perfect for outdoor lovers because they are small, lightweight, sturdy, and waterproof while providing high-quality images and videos. Additionally, you can strap these cameras to your body in many different ways, capturing your exciting moments while keeping your hands free.


Binoculars allow you to scout prey from far away, giving you more opportunities than hunting without them! Binoculars are an essential piece of equipment for hunting, but they also come in handy when sightseeing, at a stadium event, and more.

Guns, Bows, Knives, and Other Tools

Has your dad had his eye on a new gun, bow, or another weapon? These tools come in handy on the mountain in many different ways and can be customized and engraved, making it extra special for Dad’s big day. If he already has a gun, bow, or knife he loves, look into a butchering set, an ax, or care and maintenance kits.

Two-Way Radios

Staying in touch on the mountainside is important but not always possible. Because cellphones tend to lack service in rural areas where hunting is best, it’s nice to have two-way radios to stay in contact with your buddies back at camp.

Hunting Blind

Help your dad take his hunting skills to the next level with a hunting blind. He’ll be able to hide in plain sight with a hunting blind, helping him blend into the surrounding area, hiding from unsuspecting animals, to give him the perfect shot.

Gift Cards

If in doubt, get a gift card. You can never go wrong with a gift card to your dad’s go-to hunting shop. Plus, if you’re getting a late start on shopping and don’t have time for shipping or are unable to make it to a brick and mortar store, many of the big-name outfitters have e-gift card options available.

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