Benefits of a Private Hunting Guide

Preparing For the Big Game Hunting Season

Hunting with a private guide is becoming more popular and for good reason. It is a common misconception that hunting is a cold, isolated sport in which you live off the land. While some hunters prefer having this exhilarating experience alone, there are also hunters who enjoy hunting with a company and benefit from the expertise of professional guided hunters. Guides aren’t just reserved for newcomers, as seasoned hunters also turn to private expert guides to help them maximize their hunting experience. If you’re envisioning a trophy hunt, seeking the assistance of a private guide is a surefire way to target trophy game.

What Makes a Quality Hunting Guide? 

First and foremost, a professional hunting guide should keep all the promises they’ve made you. If your guide tells you that the hunt will be at a certain ranch, then do not settle for less and make sure that you are being taken to the ranch that was promised to you. A quality guide will help you with your hunt every step of the way, and they usually do all the game calling for you. The guide should verify that the game you are hoping to hunt, such as elk, deer, or moose, are roaming around the area. They should be able to locate the game for you, so once you arrive, the animal will be easier for you to spot. Reputable guided hunting companies will offer food and lodging since you need to unwind after your hunt. 

Experienced guides will help you field dress, quarter, and move your animal back to the camping grounds. Since hunting season usually starts in August, the weather will be warm. The expectation is that your guide will help you cool down your meat by refrigerating it after you’ve harvested your animal. Although guides may not be able to help you process your meat, they’ll know a butcher who can take care of that for you. Don’t know what to do with your meat? Don’t worry, your guide will help you decide what you can do with your meat after your successful hunt. 

What Should I Look For in a Lodge? 

The best hunting reserves should offer a luxurious living space that is usually 8,000 square feet big or greater, and there will be multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. You will have your own living space during your stay. Food prepared by professional chefs should also be provided so that you can strictly focus on trophy hunting as opposed to what your next meal will be. Ranches worth their merit offer hot tubs for you to relax in after your hunt. Most resorts even coordinate airport pick-up and drop-off so that you don’t have to stress over transportation. Since these ranches are situated in the wilderness, they are usually next to lakes—which means that you can also go fishing after you are done hunting. 

You can’t go wrong with utilizing the expertise and hospitality of professional hunting guides. At R & K Hunting, our guests always come first. Join us at our pristine private lands that are located throughout Utah and Wyoming. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about hunting and provide you with food, accommodations, and transportation. Book your next hunting trip with us today.