7 Reasons Why Winter Hunting is the Superior Season

Whether you are an avid hunter or new to the sport, winter hunting is highly popular as the season presents plenty of opportunities.

Hunting throughout the winter months can be cold, but that’s why hand and toe warmers and other insulated gear are popular among enthusiasts. Hunting during the winter gives you one last opportunity to harvest game while there’s still time left in the season. Putting yourself out there and withstanding the elements could mean ending the season successfully. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and opinions, but we’re here to fill you in on why winter hunting is ideal.

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7 Reasons Winter Hunting is the Best Season

Here are seven reasons why we think hunting during the winter months is ideal.

  1. Use the Snow to Track Animals — Tracking animals can be tricky, but the snow in the wintertime can help immensely. The blanket of snow allows the animals you’re hunting to write their story, leaving clues to their daily habits for you to read. Tracking your game carefully and thoroughly on a fresh trail could lead you directly to them.
  2. Take in the Views — Hunting in the winter is nothing less than picturesque. The woods and mountains under a fresh blanket of snow are truly remarkable.
  3. Fewer Annoying Pests — One major perk to wintertime hunting is the noticeable lack of bothersome insects and their long-lasting bites. You may come home chilled, but that goes away after a few moments — the bites, however, do not!
  4. Winter Routines and Cycles — Once the snow and cold move in, the animals too settle into their winter routine. This allows you to track the animals and their patterns more easily.
  5. Not-So Crowded Woods — There aren’t many hunters willing to withstand the freezing temps, blowing wind, and falling snow. You can enjoy a lot less competition and some peace and quiet during your hunt while those who are not fans of being cold hang out on their couch watching a football game.
  6. Improved Sight Lines — Hunters can see game a lot farther due to the significant lack of foliage. This also means game can see farther, too, so dress accordingly.
  7. Track Blood Trails — Blood trails on snow is the best way to track your game after you’ve hit them. Red blood on a white background is much easier to spot than it is on a brown or green surface; it really stands out better! Winter hunting allows you to use this to your advantage.

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