6 Tips For Bagging The Elusive Trophy Mule Deer

6 Tips For Bagging The Elusive Trophy Mule Deer

Trophy mule deer are notoriously tricky to hunt, but they will likely be your most prized catch, if only for the hard work and thrill that went into bagging it. Although mule deer are common in the west and even stick to open fields and prairies, the old bucks are not found here. To bag a trophy mule deer, you’ll need to head to the backcountry where your physical and mental stamina will be tested.

Prepare yourself as best you can with these 6 tips from our guides.

6 Tips For Bagging A Trophy Mule Deer

  1. Bring your binoculars. Successful hunters spend a lot of time glassing. Use high-optic binoculars and a spotting scope to find the deer. Pay particular attention to shady spots – that’s where they are most likely bedded down.
  2. Be prepared to hike. It’s not uncommon for hunters to walk for hours or even days to find their quarry. You’ve got to be in good physical condition to stalk mule deer as you’ll be hunting in challenging terrain.
  3. Learn to shoot from afar. Chances are, you’ll need to take a long distance shot to bag your trophy mule deer. Invest in a high-quality spotting scope or rifle scope to make the job easier. To avoid scaring the deer off, get only as close as your effective range.
  4. Practice patience. Hunting a trophy mule deer will push your patience. Between hours of hiking, glassing, and stalking, you will need to dig deep to find the patience needed for the hunt. Even if you find one, you may have to wait for a good shot.
  5. Learn to recognize the signs. Once you’ve found a good scoping spot, don’t get hung up on looking for the entire deer. Instead, look for evidence of the deer – an ear twitch, a sliver of antler, the odd shadow. Zero in on these signs, and it will be much easier to spot the whole deer.
  6. Spot early. Mule deer are primarily nocturnal. Get set up to spot before dawn and watch for them to return to their bedding spots around mid-morning; they will likely stay there all day. Spend some time spotting several deer in the morning and then return to stalk them in the afternoon – if you miss your chance with one, you have a few more you can try for.

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