Deer Hunting: 6 Methods To Determine Wind Direction

Deer Hunting Tips: 6 Methods To Determine Wind Direction

Hunters can use the wind to their advantage and evade a deer’s keen sense of smell, but before you can do that, you must determine wind direction.

Hunting the wind is an essential part of hunting that can make or break the success of your trip. To make this task easier, we’ve gathered a few methods to better track the wind’s direction.

Continue reading for six easy to follow methods for determining which way the wind is blowing.

How to Determine Wind Direction

Commercial Wind Detectors — Available online and at most outdoor retailers, commercial wind detectors are a fan favorite for checking which way the wind is blowing. These helpful tools are made up of a small, pliable plastic bottles with a hole near the top filled with fine, scent-free powder. When you give the bottle a squeeze, a little puff of powder comes out for the wind to pick up, allowing you to get a good read.

Milkweeds or Other Weeds — If you want to keep things natural, look around for weeds with seeds that can be carried in the wind, such as dried milkweed pods or dandelions. These almost-lighter-than-air seeds will soar in the slightest of breezes helping you determine the wind’s direction. Many hunters prefer this method to a commercial wind indicator tool because it gives a longer read, and it shows slight changes in direction.

Smoke Bombs — Smoke bombs are a great way to get a good reading on the wind. However, smoke bombs should only be used during the offseason. Hunters love using these because they cover a large area and stick around long enough to get a good read.

Lighters — A tool you likely already have in your pack is a lighter. Did you know it can double as a wind detector? It won’t give you the best reading ever, but it gives you an idea of the wind that immediately surrounds you. Simply light it and watch which way the flame blows out. Just make sure to use it cautiously as not to start any fires.

Check a Weather App — Every good hunter needs a weather app on their smartphone. Many weather apps have features like sunrise and sunset times, temperature, and the all-important wind direction. Open up your app whenever you need to know which way the wind is blowing.

Wet Finger — This method doesn’t require any tools or gadgets. All you’ll need is your finger and some spit. Remove your glove, lick your finger of choice, and put it to the wind. The cold side tells you which direction the wind is coming from.

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