5 Tips for Planning a Hunting Trip


If you are planning a hunting trip, there are several things you need to do to get ready, and we’re outlining all of it, so you don’t forget a thing!

Whether you’re new to hunting or have been a hundred times or more, we’ve all thought about the exciting prospect of going on a big and exciting out-of-state hunting adventure. There’s something about hunting in a new place or hunting an animal you’ve never hunted before that is really thrilling. So why aren’t we doing this all of the time? A primary reason seems to be that planning a DIY hunt can feel overwhelming. There are so many details to think about and things to remember that it’s all pretty daunting, which is why many hunters opt to go on a hunting trip. But if you are determined to plan your own, here are a few things to remember.

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5 Tips for Planning a Hunting Trip Yourself

DO YOUR RESEARCH — A lot goes into planning a hunting trip, and the expense can add up quickly. Before you blow all your dough, make sure to do your research. Deciding these factors is a great place to start, and the answers to these questions will give you a great jumping-off place.

  • WHO — Who else is going with you? Are you planning together, or are you taking the reins?
  • WHAT — What animal are you hunting?
  • WHEN — When are you hoping to head for the mountains?
  • WHERE — Where do you want to hunt? What is your ideal setting? Private or public land?
  • HOW — Are you bow or gun hunting? How are you obtaining your tag and license?

YOU DON’T NEED TO PACK EVERYTHING — A lesson you don’t need to learn the hard way is to overpack. We suppose the thought process of taking everything you think you might need sounds like good thinking. WRONG! You’ll end up with way too much stuff to pack in and out of camp if you do this. Before you overpack, take time to pack thoughtfully.

TAKE TIME TO SCOUT — Before you pull the trigger (literally!), make sure to put in some good time scouting. Until you are 100% confident in your location, don’t hunt — keep scouting.

DIVVY OUT RESPONSIBILITIES — Whether you planned the entire hunt or not, responsibilities on the mountainside should not be all on your shoulders. Assign duties like food prep, navigation, packing, and other essential jobs to the rest of your hunting crew. 

UNDERSTAND RULES AND LAWS — The rules, regulations, and laws in the place you are hunting could be different from what you are used to. Make sure you thoroughly review specific rules, special dates or hours, and anything else with your entire hunting party. The last thing you want is to run into trouble with the law on your hunt. 

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