5 Tips for Hunting on Public Land

When hunting on public land, it’s essential to know a few tricks so you can come out victorious on the other side.

For many, many years, public land hunting has been a part of America’s outdoor heritage. It is a right that United States citizens and hunters have fought to preserve, and thanks to those efforts, we can enjoy access to a wide variety of public lands. More effort and a more creative approach may be necessary for hunting public land, which is why we’ve come up with a handful of helpful tips and tricks for it.

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5 Tips and Tricks Every Hunter Should Know While Hunting on Public Land 

  1. KNOW EVERY BOUNDARY — To successfully hunt public lands, it is crucial always to know where you are. On top of scouting out potential hunting areas before your hunt, you need to make sure your hunt stays within public boundaries at all times. Make sure to download the onX Hunt App and turn on the Government Lands Layer before heading for the mountains. This will give you the confidence and assurance to hunt without the potential risk of trespassing.
  2. HUNT NEAR BOUNDARIES — Now that you’re aware of and clear on where the boundaries lie, it’s okay to get close to them. In fact, you may be more successful near the border of private lands. Animals have learned that certain areas are safer for them to be in (private lands), so catch them before they cross over or when they’re coming off of private land.
  3. SHARE THE LAND — Because you are hunting public lands, chances are, you’ll encounter other hunters, hikers, or other people enjoying the outdoors. Be respectful to others and do not crowd them, and hopefully, they will return the favor. Always keep your voice low and remember to implement the Golden Rule.
  4. GO HARDER THAN OTHERS — As mentioned above, hunting public lands means hunting with others. These people are your competition, so it’s essential to get there and set up earlier, hike farther and go deeper, and stay longer if you want to have a successful hunt. Animals are smart creatures and track people, so don’t do want others are doing — park in a different place, take another trail. Approach things differently to come out with an impressive harvest.
  5. BE RESPECTFUL OF THE LAND — Regardless of if you are hunting on private or public land, it is crucial to be respectful of the land. Always use designated trails when you can and leave the area better and cleaner than you found it, so if you find a piece of trash (even if it’s not yours, pick it up. Remember, if you pack it in, you must pack it out.

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