5 Tips for Finding the Best Tree Stand Location

5 Tips for Finding the Best Tree Stand Location

Before the hunting season even begins, a successful hunt starts with finding the best location for your tree stand. There are several factors to keep in mind as you search for the perfect spot.

Today we’re talking about scouting out and selecting an ideal tree in a prime location for your stand to ensure you put a tag on your trophy animal.

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Wind Patterns

Before selecting the tree where you’ll place your stand, you must think about the wind patterns. Because animals have a keen sense of smell, it is essential to set up your tree stand so you can hunt the wind. Not only should you think about the direction the wind is blowing as you hunt, but also think about which way it’s blowing as you enter and exit your stand. Being on the wrong end of the wind could ruin your chances of a successful hunt.

Stay Silent

In addition to a sharp sense of smell, many of the animals you hunt from tree stands, heavily rely on their hearing to be aware of their surroundings. Finding a tree that allows you to climb up and down quietly is necessary. Remaining undetected will give you an edge and retain that element of surprise you need to be successful.

Safety First

Safety should always be your number one priority and at the front of your mind while hunting — the same goes for selecting the perfect tree for your stand. When selecting a tree, make sure it is alive, healthy, and strong enough to hold you and your stand. Healthy trees won’t have peeling bark or any dead or partially colored leaves. Additionally, you’ll want to clear the area of any dead branches.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm — Err Deer

Increase your odds of a successful hunt this season by setting up your stand early. Your scent and the noise you’ll make setting up your stand will surely scare away nearby animals. Setting up your tree stand before the season begins will allow the animals to settle and get used to your tree stand. But keep in mind as you search for a spot in the summer, the trees will be mostly bare come hunting season, and the foliage will be gone. You won’t want to set up your stand out in the open where you’ll have a difficult time blending in.

Clear Your View

Ideally, you’ll find a tree with a large open portion. However, it isn’t likely you’ll find a tree with the perfect view. Once you’ve found the best spot, don’t be afraid to give the tree a little trim in your shooting lanes. Do your best not to be heavy-handed when cutting branches, only remove what needs to be removed, and preserve nature.

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