5 Safety Tips for Your Hunting Dog

For centuries and centuries, hunters have brought along their hunting dogs on their adventures because of the many benefits they offer.

Dogs are the perfect hunting companions for many different reasons: their natural instincts to retrieve, point, and bark up trees, to name just a few. Hunting with your pooch can be highly satisfying, but ensuring their safety while afield is crucial. Below, you’ll find a handful of ways to keep your pup safe.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Hunting Dog Safe During Your Hunt

Before you take ole Rover on any of your hunting adventures, make sure he’s trained and ready for the sport. As you probably know, this isn’t an overnight process and can take a while for your pup to get the hang of things. Once your dog is ready for the action, here are a few things you can do to ensure she’s safe before and during your hunt:

Before Your Hunt

  • SEE A VET — Before heading for the hills, make sure to visit a vet to ensure your dog is in good health, taking necessary preventative medications, and is up to date on vaccinations. You don’t want your pup to come back from a hunt with a disease.
  • THINK ABOUT SAFETY — In addition to your blaze orange duds, your dog should also be outfitted in a brightly colored safety vest during your hunt, so other hunters are aware of his presence. Ensure that he’s wearing ID tags and is microchipped if you are separated. Additionally, if you’re thinking about letting him off the leash, make sure to invest in a breakaway collar that allows your pup to break free if he becomes tangled in branches or other hazards. 
  • PET FIRST AID KIT — Like humans, there is a chance your dog could become injured during your hunt. Don’t let anything become infected by carrying a pet first aid kit.

During Your Hunt

  • BRING FOOD AND WATER — Make sure you always have food and water accessible for your pup. Climbing rugged terrain in the heat or cold can really take it out of her, so make sure she’s hydrated and fed.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TRANSPORTATION — Never leave your dog loose in the bed of your truck. Instead, secure a crate with a soft, dry place to lay down that is sheltered from the wind.
  • WATCH FOR EXTREME WEATHER AILMENTS — Hypothermia and heat exhaustion are severe concerns for dogs, so make sure to watch for signs of these conditions depending on the weather. 

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Keeping your hunting dog safe during your hunting adventures is critical!

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