3 Ways to Get In Shape for the Hunt

Anyone who thinks hunting is easy has obviously never packed a kill out of the wilderness back to camp. Hunting is a very physically demanding activity, and not everyone has what it takes to keep up with the pace and strenuous effort. There may be some hunting setups that are not as physically challenging, but that’s because they’re close to camp, or not true wilderness. When it comes to a real, wild, open hunt, it will take every ounce of your strength and discipline to get that trophy kill. Are you ready for it?

The hunting experts at R & K Hunting know better than most just how intense a true hunt can be. We’ve seen physical fitness make the difference between coming home empty handed and coming home with that once-in-a-lifetime trophy hunt. You can have incredible aim, the best weapons, and the perfect pack, but it will mean nothing if you don’t have the endurance to make your way easily through the wilderness to track your prey, and the stamina to persist for the right moment. Not to mention being able to haul back the giant buck you score!

Hunting Shape

So what exactly is being in hunting shape? Being in hunting shape means you’re able to hike through various forms of wilderness with your weapons and supplies in order to track an animal or find the right spot. It means you have the energy to last an entire day, or several days, without needing to stop or panting so loud that you scare the animals away. And it means that you can use your strength and endurance to pack out any trophies you may kill. It is a combination of both physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and pain/weather preparedness.

Three Ways to Get in Hunting Shape:

  1. Hike with Your Pack. The best way to get in hunting shape is to simulate the conditions you’ll face on your hunt while carrying your pack. Choose a mountain hike if you’ll hunt in the mountains, or a rolling hills trek if you’ll be in plains. This will get you in better shape while also allowing you a test run of your pack and boots.
  2. Stairs. Head for the stairmaster at your favorite gym, or run bleachers at your local high school. A stair workout builds muscle and strength while also improving your cardiovascular endurance. Start early and start small, and build your fitness incrementally for best, most lasting effects.
  3. Environmental Training. Working out at the gym only goes so far if it’s always 70 degrees with plenty of fans pointed at you. How is your fitness level when it’s only 40 degrees and windy? Can you climb over things or army crawl? Targeting your training with movements and environments that will keep your body guessing (like crossfit, rock climbing, sports, and training outside) will best prepare you to dominate your hunt.

Being is prime hunting shape allows you to outstrip the other hunters who just can’t hang. When our expert hunting guides at R & K Hunting prepare hunters for their trip, we encourage physical fitness to improve the success and satisfaction of the hunt. Take the time and do the work to make your hunt the best it can be!