The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Hunting Rifle

A display case showcasing numerous guns. Perfect for guided hunts, elk hunt trips, and a hunting company.

Getting ready for one of your many guided hunts? Picking the right rifle is crucial for your success in the field, and ensuring your experience is everything you hope for.  Whether you’re eyeing a trophy on an elk hunt trip or exploring diverse terrains with a professional hunting company, the rifle you carry is your […]

The Role of Hunters in Maintaining Healthy Ecosystems

A black bear standing on rocks in a stream, part of Guided Hunts & Health Ecosystem.

When the morning fog lifts over the lush, green landscape, hunters on guided hunts begin their day knowing they play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. Equipped with their rifles and a deep respect for the wilderness, these stewards of the land step into the forest. Their actions, governed by strict regulations […]

Preparing Your Hunting Dog for the Spring Season

A hunter in camouflage gear holding a rifle, walking with a loyal dog in a forest.

As winter recedes and spring approaches, the landscape for a hunting expedition undergoes a dramatic transformation. This season of renewal offers unique challenges and opportunities for hunters and their canine companions alike.  The success of spring hunts relies heavily on the hunter’s skill and knowledge, but critically on the preparation of their hunting dog. Transitioning […]

Choosing the Right Optics for Long-Range Hunting


The stage is set for a long-range guided hunting trip as the sun peeks over the horizon and the early morning mist clings to the distant hills. Out here, where the game is wary, the terrain demands respect, and every detail counts — especially the clarity and precision of your optics.  Whether lining up a […]

Shed Hunting: Tips for Finding Antlers in the Spring

A Large Deer Antler Resting On The Ground, Surrounded By Leaves And Twigs

As winter’s chill loosens its grip and gives way to the warmth of spring, a unique adventure beckons outdoor enthusiasts into the awakening forests. Shed hunting, the quest for finding antlers that deer, elk, and other antlered creatures have naturally discarded, emerges as a thrilling springtime treasure hunt.  It’s about the thrill of discovery, connecting […]