5 Tips for Using a Decoy Deer

Deer Hunting: 5 Tips for Using a Decoy Deer

Using a decoy deer during your hunt can be an effective tactic for landing that trophy buck and coming home successfully. A well-placed decoy that is used in the right way can help influence a deer’s behavior and help bring them into range so you can take your shot. However, there are a few things […]

Antler Terminology 101

Antler Terminology 101

Knowing your antler terminology is a big part of hunting and the conversations surrounding the sport. If you didn’t already know, deer antlers are surprisingly intricate and complex. By familiarizing yourself with antler anatomy, you will be able to participate in discussions about these exciting trophies with confidence and ease in no time. Continue scrolling […]

How to Prep Your Deer for Taxidermy

How to Prep Your Deer for Taxidermy

As the hunting season approaches, it’s important to refresh yourself on how to prep your deer for taxidermy. The goal is to end your season with an exciting trophy animal, and proper field care is necessary so that you can admire your harvest for years to come. What you do in the field just after […]

5 Things The Best Hunters Use

Hunting can be an incredibly personal and customized experience. Some people like to camp, others like to make it a day trip. Hunters prefer different weapons, different habitats, and different game. The ways to hunt are as varied as each individual hunter. How will you know what you prefer? How will you know what’s necessary […]

How To Get a Hunting License

Are you thinking about becoming a full-fledged hunter? Every year thousands of new hunters join the ranks to begin the lifelong passion of hunting. If you’re among them, you’ll need to take the steps to become a well-educated, licensed and legal hunter in your particular state. Don’t worry – it’s not a very difficult process, […]

2013 Harvested Animal Photos

  The hunting season has begun and we’re already beginning to harvest some nice animals, beginning with mule deer. Take a look at our 2013 harvested mule deer or 2013 harvest elk. Also, here is a nice buffalo that was harvest with us this year.